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Uses of Jolly Jolly 40/F and 40/FP

Both Jolly 40/F and Jolly 40/FP are self-loading manure spreaders, designed specifically to significantly simplify the work, solving all the problems of space and working times, and guarantee reduced wear and, consequently, durability over time.

The external vertical auger makes both models ideal for the following materials: fresh manure with long strawsheep manuremature manure and highly compact products.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

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Discover the technical characteristics of Jolly 40/F and 40/ FP

The Jolly 40/ F and Jolly 40/ FP machines have standard equipment, including:

  • Fully hydraulic operation
  • Side spreading by means of a vertical auger
  • Hydraulically adjustable internal auger speed
  • Zinc plating

Moreover, optionals can be requested, such as:

  • Lateral fan speed three way pressure compensated flow regulator, flangeable
  • Idle support roller to facilitate manoeuvres in the field

Model name


Maximum external dimensions

Full load capacity

Landspreading length

Tractor pump capacity L/Min.

Jolly 40/F 1,10×0,90x h.1,15 1,60 mt 1,00 mc 2,00 mt 18
Jolly 40/FP 0,75×0,90x h.1,15 1,10 mt 0,7 mc 1,50 mt 18

The ideal solution for fresh manure containing a large quantity of straw

Jolly 40/F and 40/FP have been designed using a technology that allows the operator to carry out operations which generally have to be performed manually, such as loading in confined spaces and side and targeted spreading in well-defined areas.

Moreover, these two models are the ideal solution for spreading fresh manure containing long straw and mature manure.

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