Our manure spreaders approved for use in Europe

Our aim is to offer our clients a complete service; for this reason our range includes manure spreaders that fall within the Mother Regulation.

What exactly is the MotherRegulation? It is a measure that gathers together all the European regulations regarding the type-approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment, that aims to harmonise and simplify all the procedures concerning the type-approval of agricultural and forestry tractors, while guaranteeing safety at work.

We supply a range of manure spreaders type-approved for road-use in Europe. Our models include single-axledouble-axle or three-axle solutions.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you are looking for an agricultural trailer type-approved for 10 tons and road-use in all EU member states, get in touch with us. Discover our manure spreaders and choose the ideal one for your needs.


MR 80

The MR 80 single axle manure spreader is perfect for flat open fields, thanks to the rear spreading by means of two vertical rollers. Moreover, it is compliant with the MotherRegulation. It is therefore a robust and practical machine that allows you to optimise the work in all the EU member states.


MR 180

Our MR 180 Mother Regulation Manure Spreader is available in two models with different technical characteristics: the MR 141 and the MRS 140. Both models are equipped with the SPM system; that is, with mobile side and sliding floor.


MR 202

Our MR 202 manure spreader is available in two models with different dimensional characteristics. Both have mobile side, sliding floor and are compliant with the new regulation regarding the type-approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment within the EU.

Quality and robustness throughout the European Union

All of our manure spreaders are designed taking into consideration all the possible needs, for both small farms and medium-large sized ones.

We take care of every detail, we use the best materials and we supply standard equipment that is the most complete possible, which can however also be personalised with optionals.

Our MR line of manure spreaders has been designed in compliance with the Mother Regulation. Our agricultural machines comply with all the technical requirements for type-approval established in the regulation.

In this way we offer our clients both quality and robustness. High-quality manure spreaders, type-approved for road-use in all the EU member states.

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