Our MR 202 agricultural trailer

Do you need to buy a manure spreader and you’re looking for a machine that is approved for road-use throughout the European Union? We have the ideal machine for you.

Our MR 202 agricultural trailer is characterised by the SPM application system, whose operating is provided by the sliding floor with mobile side positioned on it that moves towards the spreading rollers, transporting the material.

When it reaches the limit switch, the side is automatically activated by the sequence valve, completing the discharge of the product.

Moreover, on the MR 202 trailer there is the possibility of applying a rear cargo door for double use instead of the spreading rollers, using it as a DUMPER.

MR 202, available in two models, is compliant with the new European regulation regarding the type-approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment in the EU member states.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you think that the MR 202 manure spreader trailer is the best option for you, contact us and ask for a free quote.


See the MR 202

MR 202 is the perfect manure spreader for open fields.

The two rear vertical rollers offer fine and uniform spreading and make it the ideal solution for flat land.

Using the MR 202 manure spreader trailer as a DUMPER, the client has a series of advantages such as the possibility of unloading the product in all situations where overturning may not be safe or in closed covered spaces.

The main characteristics of MR 202 and MR 201

Both models, MR 202 and MR 201, are characterised by standard equipment and by the possibility of adding optionals.

Standard equipment:

  • European road-use type-approval for 9 tons on the axle + vertical loading with pneumatic braking system
  • Floor running surface in HARDOX
  • Framework in DOMEX
  • 2 hydraulic parking jacks
  • LED lights system
  • Cardan shaft
  • Tri-axle parabolic spring suspension with self-steering front and rear axle 10F Fr406x120
  • Automatic braking corrector
  • Roller transmission with free wheel and safety bolt
  • Hydraulic external roller protection sluice gate
  • Internal hydraulic guillotine sluice gate
  • Commands to the tractor’s directional control valve with couplings
  • Spreader rollers equipment REMOVABLE
  • Bolted and interchangeable knives applied on steel rollers

Optionals on request:

  • Flanged ball joint swivel towing eye or towing eye with ball coupling
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • Removable straight side extensions
  • PVC mudguards
  • Rear cargo door for double use as a dumper
  • Automatic electric lubrication system
  • Movement with electro-hydraulic directional control valve
  • Industry 4.0 system
  • Axle Q.150 10F Fr420x180
  • Tyres of various sizes

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Model name Dimensions Movement Number of wheels Permissible mass on the axles Full load capacity only manure spreader version

Capacity with rear cargo door for dual use as a dumper and side extensions

Tyres permitted

RP201SPM 6,30×2,20x h.1,70 Through mobile platform and sideboard 6

9.000 KG /axle

25,00 mc 38,00 mc 500/60 R22,5
550/60 R22,5
560/60 R22,5
600/50 R22,5
580/65 R22,5
700/50 R22,5
710/45 R22,5
600/55 R26,5
650/55 R26,5
710/50 R26,5
800/45 R26,5
RP202SPM 7,50×2,20x h.1,70 Through mobile platform and sideboard 6 9.000 KG /axle 29,0 mc 44,00 mc 500/60 R22,5
550/60 R22,5
560/60 R22,5
600/50 R22,5
580/65 R22,5
700/50 R22,5
710/45 R22,5
600/55 R26,5
650/55 R26,5
710/50 R26,5
800/45 R26,5