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Ren Frut line R 302 manure spreader

Are you interested in buying a manure spreader? The Ren Frut line R 302 manure spreader has been designed to meet the needs of vineyard and orchard operators.

Available in three models to best meet the various needs, R 302 is a chain manure spreader, whose speed can be adjusted using a valve, supplied as standard equipment. Before being distributed by means of a horizontal fan, the manure is shredded by an auger positioned above the spreader fan, allowing greater uniformity in the distribution of the product.

The external conveyor positioned at the outlet gives the user the possibility of using the entire landspreading length, around 5m, or of discharging the product at the foot of the plant, without dirtying the leaves.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

Are you a dealer or farmer and looking for a company specialised in the sale of manure spreaders? Contact us for more information about our Ren Frut line R 302 machine, the ideal solution for spreading sawdust.


Discover the technical characteristics of R 302

Our R 302 manure spreaders are supplied with standard equipment and optionals on the client’s request.

The standard equipment includes:

  • Zinc plated body
  • Continuous hydraulic towing with speed adjustment valve
  • Smooth chain floor, without guides
  • Mechanical external conveyor
  • Italian type-approval for 40 tons full load with pedal hydraulic braking
  • Mechanical external chain tensioner
  • Auger for crushing
  • Horizontal fan
  • Fixed
  • Mechanical parking jack
  • Cardan shaft

The optionals on request are:

  • Hydraulic Steering  drawbar
  • Mechanical Steering drawbar
  • Hydraulic external conveyor
  • Internal hydraulic guillotine sluice gate
  • Internal hydraulic arm sluice gate
  • Mechanical side fan at the outlet
  • Bolted tubular steel side extensions, height 18 cm
  • Trailer without approval, without brakes, without lights, only CE marking
  • Closer crossbars, for compost or chicken manure
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • New tyres of different sizes

Contact us now for more information about our Ren Frut R 302 manure spreader.

Model name Dimensions Maximum external dimensions Number of chains Full load capacity Full load overall mass Tyres permitted
Ren Frut R302/G 4,00×1,00x h.1,00 1,70 mt 2 4,00 mc 4.000 kg 10.0/75
Ren Frut R302/M 3,00×1,00x h.1,00 1,70 mt 2 3,00 mc 4.000 kg 10.0/75
Ren Frut R302/P 2,50×0,85x h.1,00 1,50 mt 2 2,50 mc 4.000 kg 10.0/75