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RP 202 con metodo SPM

The transportation of the product, as in all the SPM models, takes place by means of two separate movements of the sliding floor and mobile side coupled to it.

The movement takes place in two sequential phases.

The sliding floor, with the side positioned on it, moves towards the rollers, transporting the material. When it reaches the limit switch, the mobile side is activated automatically and completes the discharge.

Thanks to two separate movements, the RP 202 SPM manure spreader adapts to all types of product, even the heaviest ones.

Compared to a traditional machine, the SPM system manure spreaders have several advantages:

  • No chains for the transportation of the product, thus obtaining a fully sealed body;
  • Possibility of discharging in all situations where overturning may not be safe;
  • Possibility of discharging in closed covered spaces;
  • Faster discharge times;
  • Possibility of pressing the product to increase the load capacity

Thanks to the application of the double rear cargo door for use as a dumper, you can use the trailer all year round and with many other products, such as silage, cereals and other bulk materials.

Moreover, it is an extremely versatile and robust machine.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you are looking for an agricultural manure spreader for your tractor, contact us and our staff will provide you with all the information about our RP 202 manure spreader with SPM application method and more. They will be at your disposal to advise and guide you in choosing the most suitable machine for your needs.


The features of our RP 202 SPM

Our RP 202 SPM rear manure spreader has multiple features that make it an excellent machine. In detail, its standard equipment includes:

  • Transfer of the product by a sliding floor and a mobile side
  • Domex structure
  • Hardox sliding floor
  • Sealed body
  • Internal Hydraulic sluice gate to contain and dose the material
  • Hydraulic external accident prevention sluice gate to protect the rollers, independent from the internal sluice gate
  • Removable equipment
  • Hydraulic parking jack
  • Roller transmission with free wheel and safety bolt
  • Bolted and interchangeable knives applied on steel rollers
  • Tri-axle parabolic spring suspension with self-steering front and rear axle
  • Italian road-use type-approval for 200 tons full load with pneumatic braking
  • Cardan shaft
  • Tractor distributor commands

In addition, some accessories can be added on request:

  • Supply of double rear cargo door for dumper version
  • Removable straight side extensions
  • 150 Fr420x180 axles
  • Braking corrector
  • Movement with electro-hydraulic directional control valve
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • Automatic electric lubrication system
  • Tyres of various sizes

Contact us now to request more details.

Model name Dimensions Movement Number of wheels Total weight when fully loaded Full load capacity only manure spreader version Capacity with rear cargo door for dual use as a dumper and side extensions Tyres permitted
RP202SPM 7,50×2,20x h.1,70 Through mobile platform and sideboard 6 20.000 kg 29,00 mc 44,00 mc 560/60 R22,5
600/50 R22,5