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Find out about our RP 141 SPM rear discharge manure spreaders

Find out about our RP 141 SPM rear discharge manure spreaders

Do you need to buy a rear manure spreader? Our rear manure spreaders are ideal for you!

Specifically, in the RP 141 model with SPM application system, the product is moved by  moving floor and side, without chains, suitable for different types of materials with different consistencies. The trailer is characterised by its robustness, reduced working times, reduced probability of breakage and reduced wear.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you’re looking for a machine to spread manure from the rear, contact us! Contact us to ask for more information about our RP 141 SPM manure spreader; our operators will be happy to give you all the details.


The main characteristics of our RP 141 SPM manure spreaders

The main characteristics of our RP 141 SPM manure spreaders

These manure spreaders are supplied with standard equipment, that includes:

  • Transfer of the product by moving floor and side without chains
  • Hydraulic external accident prevention sluice gate to protect the rollers
  • Internal hydraulic arm sluice gate
  • Equipment for manure spreader model with welded equipment
  • Roller transmission with free wheel and safety bolt
  • Bolted and interchangeable knives applied on steel rollers
  • Italian road-use type-approval for 140 tons full load with pneumatic braking
  • Cardan shaft
  • Hydraulic parking jack
  • Tandem parabolic spring suspension with steering rear axle

Moreover, optionals, for some specific needs are available, such as:

  • Tyres of various sizes
  • Internal hydraulic guillotine sluice gate
  • Rear cargo door for dual use (also as a dumper)
  • Set up for removable spreading rollers
  • Tank with sides in AISI 304 engine turned steel
  • Straight or flared side extensions
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • Movement with electro-hydraulic directional control valve
  • Automatic electric lubrication system

Contact us now for more information.

Model name Dimensions Movement Number of wheels Tyres permitted Full load capacity only manure spreader version

Capacity with rear cargo door for dual use as a dumper and side extensions

RP141SPM 6,00×1,55x h.1,50 Through mobile platform and sideboard 4 385/65 R22,5
425/65 R22,5
500/60 R22,5
560/60 R22,5
15,00 mc 20,00 mc