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RP 141 rear discharge manure spreader

The RP 141 manure spreader with tow chain is a manure spreader trailer available in two models, of different sizes and with pneumatic or hydraulic braking.

They are extremely robust machines for farmers and are able to shred the material, guaranteeing uniform spreading.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

Are you looking for a rear discharge manure spreader to distribute the fertiliser on your land? RP 141 is the one for you! Trust professional manufacturers and contact us for more information and find out the price of our products.


Technical data, standard equipment and optionals for RP 141

for RP 141

RP 141 is supplied with standard equipment that includes:

  • Continuous hydraulic chain movement with towing and speed adjustment valve
  • Mechanical external chain tensioner
  • Smooth chain floor in AISI 430 steel
  • Hydraulic parking jack
  • Cardan shaft
  • Hydraulic external sluice gate to protect the rollers
  • Roller transmission with free wheel and safety bolt
  • Bolted and interchangeable knives applied on steel rollers
  • Fixed axle balanced suspension
  • Italian road-use type-approval for 140 tons full load with pneumatic or hydraulic braking

Moreover, optionals are available on request, to make the manure spreader more efficient. Specifically:

  • Internal hydraulic arm or guillotine sluice gate
  • Suspension with rear steering axle
  • Sides in AISI 430 steel
  • Hydraulic chain tensioner
  • Straight or flared side extensions
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • HARDOX chains
  • Tyres of various sizes

Model name


Number of chains

Full load capacity

Number of tyres

Tyres permitted

Pneumatic braking
6,00×1,40x h.1,30 3 12,00 mc 4 385/65 R22,5
425/65 R22,5
500/60 R22,5
560/60 R22,5

Hydraulic braking

5,50×1,40x h.1,30 3 11,00 mc 4 385/65 R22,5
425/65 R22,5
500/60 R22,5

When should you use the RP 141 manure spreader?

Thanks to the RP 141 manure spreader, spreading manure will be easier. With vertical rollers, it is the ideal solution for flat land. But there’s more! It is the ideal solution also if you have to spread extremely fine material.

If you want to buy a high-quality rear discharge manure spreader at an extremely competitive price, contact us now.