Manufacture and sale of manure spreaders

Our company has decades-long experience in the manufacture and sale of manure spreaders.

Now a reference point for farmers and dealers, we offer our clients a wide range of products, designed and manufactured to meet all needs.

Our series of trailers range from manure spreaders for vineyards and orchards, either self-loading or towed, to open field manure spreaders, with front or rear discharge, suitable for hilly and mountainous areas, and for flat land, with load capacity of between 1 m³ and 44 m³.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

Are you looking for a manure spreader? Contact us now; our operators can give you advice and help you choose the ideal machine for your needs. We have both new and used manure spreaders, to suit every budget.

Manure spreaders for vineyards and orchards
Manure spreaders for vineyards and orchards


In the Jolly line there are different types of self-loading manure spreaders with specific characteristics such as: self-loading, side discharge of the product by means of a fan or vertical auger, and different sizes, suitable also for very tight spaces. 40/F and 40/FP are ideal for fresh manure with a large quantity of straw40/S for sawdust, shredded straw and digestate, while 40/A and 40/B are ideal for mature manure, compost and organic mixtures.



Ren Frut

The Ren Frut line manure spreaders are designed to fully meet all the needs of vineyard, orchard or greenhouse operators. They can reach a full load capacity of 40 tons. They have a rounded shape, designed to allow branches to bendbut not break. You can use the full landspreading length or concentrate the product at the foot of the plant.


RP 301

The RP 301 manure spreader has been designed to be extremely practical and functional for use in vineyards and orchards. It is a rear discharge manure spreader that can have 2 vertical or horizontal rollers. Moreover, when requested by the client, it is possible to choose between a mechanical or hydraulic steering drawbar; in this way our clients can have their own custom trailer.


Front discharge manure spreaders
Front discharge manure spreaders

R 501

The R 501 front discharge manure spreader is one of the machines designed to operate in hilly and mountainous areas and, in general, on sloping land. To allow you to best fulfil your needs, besides the standard equipment, optionals are available on request to further enhance its performance.


R 141

The R 141 manure spreader with front vertical turbine is ideal for medium and large sized farms. The standard equipment allows you to optimise your work, while the additional accessories available on request will allow you to personalise it for your specific needs.

Rear discharge manure spreaders
Rear discharge manure spreaders

Tow chain

We have a range of rear discharge manure spreaders with tow chain, the ideal solution for flat land. We have different models of different capacity and size, to propose a range of machines able to meet any need.


SPM System

Our range of rear discharge manure spreaders includes 4 models that use the SPM application system; that is, with push-off technology without chains. This type of application enables the client to optimise the work and operate rapidly and efficiently.


Mother Regulation

Our range includes manure spreader models that fall within the MotherRegulation; that is, the regulation that gathers together all the European standards regarding the type-approval of tractors, trailers and towed equipment. The MotherRegulation has the aim of simplifying and homogenising the type-approval procedures for agricultural and forestry tractors, while guaranteeing safety at work.


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