Discover our Jolly line manure spreaders

The Jolly line self-loading manure spreaders have been designed for orchardsvineyards and greenhouses, to solve the typical problems of space and working time encountered in these cases.

The technology adopted in the design of these machines allows the performance of operations that would usually only be possible manually, such as loading in confined spaces and side and targeted spreading in well-defined areas.

Moreover, they are not only characterised by high performance and reduced wear over time compared to classical manure spreaders, they are also a solution at a competitive price

The Jolly line includes various models with specific characteristics such as: self-loading, side discharge of the product through a lateral fan or vertical auger and different sizes, suitable also for very tight spaces.

Jolly 40/F and Jolly 40/FP are perfect for spreading fresh manure containing a large quantity of straw, while Jolly 40/S is the best solution for spreading sawdust, shredded straw and digestate, for example for animals’ bedding. Jolly 40/A and Jolly 40/B mature manure, compost and organic mixtures.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you’re a dealer or farmer looking for a company that sells manure spreaders, contact us now and discover our Jolly line.


Jolly 40/A
and Jolly 40/B

Jolly 40/A and Jolly 40/B are small agricultural machines designed to spread manure in orchards, vineyards and greenhouses. Buying a Jolly 40/A or 40/B is a real investment because, thanks to their specific characteristics, they offer excellent performance and are characterised by reduced wear and a competitive price.


Jolly 40/F
and Jolly 40/FP

The Jolly agricultural machine, in both the 40/F and 40/FP models, is a self-loading manure spreader, able to solve problems of space and working times. It is a manure spreader that lasts over time and is characterised by side spreading by means of a vertical auger, designed specifically to shred better.


Jolly 40/S

Jolly 40/S is a self-loading agricultural machine, designed to spread digestate, sawdust and shredded straw. It is designed specifically for use in barns, above all for preparing animals’ bedding. Moreover, on request it is possible to install the flangeable valve on the side impeller, thus managing to control the landspreading length.

The standard equipment of our Jolly line

The agricultural machines in our Jolly line have standard equipmentable to adapt to all types of material, that includes: fully hydraulic operation, side spreading, speed of the internal hydraulically adjustable auger and zinc plating, aimed at making every machine more resistant and long-lasting over time.

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