R 141: manure spreader with front fan

The R 141 manure spreader with front fan and mechanical chain tensioner is the ideal solution for your needs. It is available in two versions that differ only in terms of the length of the body.

The standard equipment offers a machine able to optimise manure and fertiliser distribution in general, while with the options available on request you can personalise it to fully meet your specific needs.

functional and efficient machine at an extremely competitive price.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

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How can I personalise my R 141 manure spreader?

Both versions of the R 141 manure spreader have standard equipment and a series of optionals on the client’s request.

Standard equipment:

  • Smooth chain floor in AISI 430 steel
  • Continuous hydraulic chain movement with towing and speed adjustment valve
  • Oil bath case for fan movement
  • ø 1700 mm reinforced fan with rectangular tube blades
  • Mechanical external chain tensioner
  • Hydraulic sparking PARKING jack
  • Mechanical side hatch
  • Mechanical side fan
  • Tandem equaliser with fixed axle
  • Italian road-use type-approval with pneumatic braking 140 tons full load
  • Cardan shaft

Optionals on request:

  • Complete tank in AISI 304 engine turned stainless steel
  • Hydraulic chain tensioner
  • Bogie with self-steering rear axle
  • Constant velocity drive shaft
  • HARDOX chains
  • Hydraulic side hatch
  • Hydraulic side fan
  • Italian road-use type-approval with hydraulic braking
  • Internal hydraulic arm sluice gate
  • Removable plastic false floor

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Model name

Dimensions ø Fan

Number of chains

Full load capacity

Number of tyres

Tyres permitted

R142 5,50×1,30x h.1,30 1700 mm 3 11,00 mc 4 14.00,20 used
385/65 R22.5 used
425/65 R22.5 used
500/60 22.5 new
R141 6,00×1,30x h.1,30 1700 mm 3 12,00 mc 4 14.00,20 used
385/65 R22.5 used
425/65 R22.5 used
500/60 22.5 new