Uses of Ren Frut

Every manure spreader trailer in the Ren Frut line has been designed in detail to fully meet all the needs of vineyard, orchard or greenhouse operators.

The Ren Frut manure spreaders have continuous hydraulic drive and a mechanical chain tensioner, can have a full load capacity that can reach 4 m³ and have a characteristic rounded shape. This shape does not have an aesthetic function but protects the branches, allowing them to bend, but not break.

Moreover, thanks to a conveyor, it is possible to choose whether to use the entire landspreading length, that reaches around 5 m, or to discharge the product at the foot of the plant, without dirtying the leaves.

To best meet our clients’ needs, the manure spreader is available in three models of different sizes and capacities.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

If you are a dealer or farmer and you’re looking for a manure spreader able to preserve your orchard, greenhouse or vineyard, contact us now and ask for more information about the Ren Frut line.


R 302

The R 302 manure spreader of the Ren Frut line has been designed with the aim of meeting the main needs of vineyard and orchard operators. It is available in three models, of different sizes, and has the form of a trailer with a particular rounded shape, that allows the branches of the plants to bend but not break.

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