Discover our front discharge manure spreaders

Are you looking for a front side fan manure spreader? Ren Mark sells all types of manure spreaders. We have two models of front discharge manure spreaders: R 501 and R 141, with different capacities.

Both machines have a hydraulically adjustable tow chain that allows you to decide the amount of product to spread. On all versions there is an oil bath case for the movement of the fan, significantly reducing the probability of breakage and avoiding the need for lubrication.

The R 501 is a single axle manure spreader and is smaller than the R 141, which is a double axle one and has a floor that can reach 6 metres with a full load capacity of 14 cubic metres.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

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R 501

The R 501 manure spreader has a smooth chain flooroil bath case for fan movement reinforced fan with rectangular tube bladesmechanical external chain tensionermechanical parking jackcardan shaft and is characterised by the continuous hydraulic chain movement with towing, speed adjustment valve and Italian type-approval for 50 tons and mechanical braking.


R 141

Do you need to buy a manure spreader for use on hilly or mountainous land? The R 141 agricultural manure spreader with front impeller is the ideal solution for your needs. A functional and efficient machine at an extremely competitive price, characterised by standard equipment and by optionals on request to personalise it depending on your specific needs.

When is it better to use a front discharge manure spreader?

In general, front discharge manure spreaders are the ideal solution in the case of both sloping land and flat land. This machine offers better adherence of the tractor because the weight is discharged towards the front of the trailer, allowing greater stability.

Another advantage of the front discharge manure spreader is that it allows the operator to see the manure distribution area from the tractor.

Moreover, both the R 501 and the R141 have optionals available on request, that will allow you to personalise the machine to meet your needs.

Are you looking for a front discharge manure spreader? Contact us to find the ideal machine for your needs.