Find out about our rear discharge manure spreaders with tow chain

Ren Mark offers a wide range of rear discharge manure spreaders with tow chain.

In fact, we don’t just sell the machines but design them too, with the aim of offering clients different solutions able to meet different needs.

In general, manure spreaders with vertical rear rollers are the ideal solution to fertilise flat land and fields, but each of our models has specific characteristics that make them unique.

All of our machines are compliant with EC legislation.

Do you need to spread manure on flat land and don’t know how to do it? Contact us to find out about our different models of rear discharge manure spreaders with tow chain. We guarantee you a high-quality machine at an extremely competitive price. Our operators can also suggest the best machine for your needs.


RP 80

Among our manure spreaders, RP 80 is an agricultural machine with tow chain and rear discharge. Thanks to the rear vertical rollers, it is the ideal solution for fertilising flat land and open fields, for small and medium sized farms and for clients looking for fine and uniform distribution.


RP 141

We manufacture and sell all types of manure spreaders. Our models include RP 141 with rear distribution and tow chain, the ideal solution for farmers and contractors. Extremely practical and functional, it optimises the work and is designed above all for open fields and flat areas.


NG 200

NG 200 is one of our manure spreaders for open fields with rear distribution. This is the largest manure spreader with tow chain. The length of the body is 7m and it has 3 fixed and steering axles. It stands out for its extreme robustness and its unique capacity to shred the material, guaranteeing uniform distribution.

Different manure spreaders for flat land

The rear vertical roller manure spreaders with tow chain that we offer our clients, regardless of the model, are supplied with standard equipment. But there’s more! To best meet the user’s needs, we can supply a series of optionals and/or additional functions for each model.

In this way you will have the possibility of best personalising your manure spreader based on your specific needs, to be able to fertilise flat fields in a practical, rapid and functional way.

With different technical characteristics, dimensions, full load capacity and number of wheels, each manure spreader has been designed in the smallest detail and using the best materials to guarantee excellent performance and long life over time.

Are you looking for a rear discharge manure spreader with tow chain? Contact us now to discover all the details of our models.